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Una Voce BC was founded by students for the purpose of fostering the use of Latin in Liturgy here at Boston College. We encourage the reverent celebration of both the Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. We also encourage and promote Sacred Art and Sacred Music on campus. With the support of Campus Ministry, and the support of several Jesuits at BC, it is our hope to develop a greater appreciation for the traditions of the Catholic Church in the Boston College community.

Una Voce Collegium Bostoniense

Una Voce BC Board 2013

  • Peter Rothmeier '14
  • Faculty Advisor: Fr. Gary Gurtler, S.J.

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We are gratefully accepting any donations to assist us in enabling the frequent celebration of the Extraordinary Form on campus. We would gladly accept any used items, including: vestments, altar candles, altar linens, and other necessary items.

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